Diada de Catalunya 2013: Catalans claim their Independence. Miriam Lazaro

Diada de Catalunya 2013: Catalans claim their Independence. Miriam Lazaro

Spain’s Secret Conflict

This video is about the unspoken conflict between Catalonia and Spain. It starts with the fact that Catalonia wishes it’s independence from Spain. Then it tries to explain why and where it all started, and identifies the roots of the politic, national and cultural conflict between both.

I recommend watching it. It is in english, with english subtitles on the spanish and catalan spoken parts. If you are interested in Catalonia or Spain, or you already know about this situation but have never understood it, watch it.

I’m catalan. I have grown in Catalonia, I’ve learned Catalan, and for me it’s my mother tongue. I have grown fond of catalan traditions, and I identify my home in this lands.
But I don’t feel spanish, as I haven’t grown in a spanish environment, as I don’t feel identified with it’s national icons nor with it’s language.
I have learned spanish through my education as I have learned english. I can speak both, and I can’t identify spanish as my mother tongue the same way I can’t identify english, even tough I can speak fluently.
Our history is different, we come from different countries, from different roots, we remained historically separated for centuries, until Spain invaded Catalonia, and it became a part of Spain, loosing it’s identity as an independent country, but not it’s nationality. Even when different regimes of Spain have tried hard to erase our national feeling, it has persisted.

So why is it so wrong for us to wish to recover our status as an independent country? Why can’t we be one? We have our own language, we have our own traditions, we have our own historical past, and we even have our own historic political institutions. 

That doesn’t mean we won’t accept spanish people anymore. Can’t you travel and live in London although you’re spanish or american or whatever? You can, you just have to integrate in that country’s culture, but that doesn’t mean you have to loose yours, just accept the other and embrace it.

So that’s how we want it to be. Me, and the people who have the same catalan national feeling.